How To Clean Your Mattress

We all know to wash our bedsheets at least once a week and flip our mattresses regularly. Those of us with dust allergies especially know how important it is. Keeping dust, moisture and dirt out of our beds helps prevent allergy inflammation and leaves you sleeping better. But did you know you should clean your mattress as well? Luckily, cleaning is easy and can be done seasonally as you flip your mattress. Read on to find out how it’s done!

Remove Bedsheets

Cleaning your mattress is not difficult but should be started in the morning as the process takes a while. Start by removing any sheets, cushions or other fabrics attached to your mattress. Wash them as you normally would.

Vacuum Your Mattress

Yes, you read that correctly! Dust, dirt and grime can accumulate in your mattress over time even if you use a fitted sheet. Vacuuming helps to suck up a lot of this dirt that would otherwise build up. Use strong suction and go over every visible surface.

Use Baking Soda

Our mattresses harbour a lot of moisture from sweat and humidity. Of course, you can buy a commercial upholstery deodorizer, but baking soda is a cheap alternative. Shake it liberally over your whole mattress and leave it to sit. This has the effect of removing moisture and deodorizing your mattress from any smells that might have accumulated. Leaving the baking soda to sit for 24 hours is best, but if you can’t, a couple of hours should be fine.

Vacuum and Flip

Once your baking soda has had a chance to sit, vacuum the mattress again. Be sure to remove any traces of baking soda from your mattress. Now your mattress should be ready to flip. Once you’ve done this, you can either replace your sheets, or vacuum the new top side again one last time.

Call a Professional

Expert’s recommendation is to professionally clean your mattress once a year. For that you can call a professional cleaning company specialised in mattress cleaning. At Happy Clean we deep clean and sanitise mattresses in your home. For more information on mattress cleaning visit out dedicated website If you’re looking to get your mattress cleaned fill out our contact form or call us on 0892072082!

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