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How To Protect Your Fabric Sofas

A sofa can be a beautiful addition to your living space. However, years of dust, grime and stains collecting can make it look worse for wear. If you’re looking for tips to keep your sofas looking fresh, you might be feeling lost. Don’t worry! You don’t need to resort to sofa covers which can make your furniture look somewhat cheap. Here are some tips to help you protect your fabric sofas!

Vacuum Clean Regularly

Many of us wouldn’t think to vacuum our sofa seats but it is the best kept secret of those with well-maintained furniture. Dust, crumbs and moisture can gather in the fabric over time. By vacuuming once a week, you stop dirt from building up and tarnishing your fabric. Just this step alone can add years of life to your sofa as it looks newer and cleaner! And it’s a really easy way to protect your fabric sofas!

Plump and Flip Your Cushions

Most sofas on the market come with removable cushions. This not only makes vacuuming easier but plumping your cushions as well. Like you do with your mattress, your sofa covers should be flipped every so often. This helps your sofa to keep its shape and support as you continue to use it.

Use A Fabric Protecting Spray

Commercial fabric protection spray is cheap and helps to keep stains at bay! Just spray your couch once or twice a year and a whole extra layer of protection is added to your couch. If you’re interested in using these sprays, remember to patch test a small area first. Discolouration is rare but it can happen. Even better, we recommend getting a professional company to apply protector on your sofa just after buying it! Click here to see how we do it!

Consider A Professional Cleaner

Deep-cleaning sessions can be a wonderful investment in your home and it’s always good to leave it to the professionals! Bringing someone in to give your sofa a deep clean just once a year can help it last for many more years to come. Professional cleaners can tend to fabric sofas more thoroughly than a weekly vacuuming, and if your fabric can be washed, they can effectively remove stains as well. At Happy Clean we are trained for dealing with all types of sofas, so we can help! Just get in touch for a quote!

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