How To Remove Slime From Carpets

If you’re a parent of young children, you know the obsession they have with slime. It’s one of the most popular toys these days and keeps them entertained for hours. But it can also leave you frustrated for hours trying to clean it away from carpets and couches. Slime gets stuck everywhere! Here are some tips on how to remove slime from carpets so you can be on good terms with your little ones’ obsession once again!

Scrape Remaining Slime Up

Use a spoon or butter knife to scoop up any large chunks of slime left on the fabric. This will allow you to deal with a smaller affected area and make the rest of the slime easier to remove. Don’t worry if there’s a lot stuck into the fabric. Just do your best to prepare the area for the next steps.

Use A Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is your best friend here as it works to dissolve the glue that most slimes have. Pour a generous amount of white vinegar onto your fabric, or if the area is quite small, blot it on with a cloth. The slime should start to loosen into a puddle after a while.

Blot and Finish Cleaning

Blot up the remaining slime and liquid. If there’s still a stain left from the pigment, use your favourite fabric stain remover. Alternatively, use a diluted liquid detergent in a blotting motion on the affected area. Don’t forget to rinse with cold water. If you’ve been removing slime from your carpet or sofa, let the area air dry completely before using again. If you are removing it from clothing or other fabric you can wash them to their cleaning instructions.

Hopefully you found these tips about how to remove slime from carpets helpful to you! But if you’re still struggling to remove stains, you may need to call a professional. Some stains just need an experienced hand to remove.

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